The Erasmus+ project, Go4DiGREEN, aims to train and certify 100 individuals with a refugee background across Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, and Cyprus. By providing valuable digital and sustainable entrepreneurial skills training, this project seeks to contribute to local and international efforts of minimising the gap of educational and vocational training opportunities for refugees, which has been widened by the pandemic.

Together with the project consortium, Project Phoenix aims to train refugees in Cyprus who seek to start a business, as well as established entrepreneurs who seek to transition their current business to a “green business”, i.e any business actively contributing to sustainable development and a healthy future for all by supporting the goals of the EU Green Deal, e.g.:

  • longer lasting products that can be repaired, recycled and re-used

  • healthy and affordable food

  • cleaner energy

  • fresh air, clean water, healthy soil and biodiversity

  • renovated, energy efficient buildings

  • more public transport – responsible use of mobility

  • clean technological innovation

  • future-proof jobs and skills training for the transition.

Our participation in the Erasmus+ Go4DiGREEN project allows us to equip participants with the required skills to start and successfully run a viable “green business” online and offline. This allows many to secure their livelihood needs more independently, a factor which has proven especially relevant at the height of the pandemic, during which job security for RMAs had greatly decreased. 

We are glad to be partnered with a passionate consortium of active European organisations and social enterprises that are paving the way for more accessible training opportunities for RMAs. Together, as Go4DiGREEN, we hope to realise our ambitious goal of certifying 100 “green entrepreneurs” by the end of 2023!

Photo by Peter Praschinger

Go4DiGREEN Meeting in Berlin (July 2021), Photo by Peter Praschinger

Project partners are sitting around a table during a meeting for the Go4DiGREEN project in Berlin.

Name: @Go4DiGREEN@

Duration: 05/2021 - 04/2023

Funder: Erasmus+ project

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Go4DiGREEN Meeting in Berlin (July 2021), Photo by Peter Praschinger

Project partners are standing in a circle during an icebreaker activity as part of the Go4DiGREEN meeting in Berlin.