Our mission is systemic change of the migrant inclusion ecosystem


Who are we?

We are a European NGO and social business supporting and empowering migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Our pilot project is in Cyprus, an island with the highest rate of refugees per capita in the European Union. Using socially innovative approaches, we carry out our work through entrepreneurship, incubation, training, mentorship, partnerships, research and advocacy



Many geopolitical factors including growing nationalism; mass migration caused by war; openness to migration by some of the EU’s larger member states; have led to a situation where existing EU systems - particularly in smaller, less wealthy EU member states - are left overwhelmed, under-funded and unable to absorb the waves of asylum seekers and economic migrants seeking a better and safer life in Europe.


Theory of Change

Using a systems thinking approach, we empower migrants and refugees to become successful professionals and entrepreneurs. They then become community advocates, who pay it forward within their communities and host countries. In the background we form strong partnerships to advocate for change at a systemic level