Zero Food Waste Cyprus


Each week, volunteers go to the Oxi market in Nicosia, Cyprus and gather fruit and vegetables that would ordinarily be thrown away and distribute them to people in need.

Zero Food Waste Cyprus was launched in January 2020 through a collaboration with Alexia Kalourkoti, the founder of Taste Earns. We helped rebrand Taste Earns to the catchy Zero Food Waste Cyprus and acquired and created marketing materials such as t-shirts and caps. Throughout the year, we launched and built a new website for the project and created and supported a new Facebook page (with more than 1000 likes). ZFWC was also featured on Cyprus TV and in Cyprus Mail.

As a continuation of this project, a series of Cooking Across Diversity videos were created in collaboration with the NGO Friends of the Earth.

Project Phoenix provided strategic support on future expansion and development, collaborated on a number of joint grant applications for the US Embassy and other funders, and produced and directed a joint video about our collaboration and the Saturday Aftermarket project with Caritas Cyprus.


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